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To improve the optical and thermal properties of the glass, it can be coated with multilayer structures of metals or metal composites. Magnetron Sputtering, a physical vapour deposition process carried out in a high vacuum conditions, is a technique used to create more complex multilayer structures for solar control glass, low emissivity glass or glass providing a combination of both characteristics.

At Ariño Duglass, our R&D Department creates innovative, one-of-a-kind solutions for each of your projects. Consult our multidisciplinary team for advice and innovative solutions for architects and engineers. We transform ideas and requirements into glass solutions.

Airplak layers can be placed on glass decorated with Duglass Design ceramic painting. This not only creates a different aesthetic but also allows glare control, a redistribution of natural lighting and improved solar control.

This layering technology allows Ariño Duglass to offer its unique DecometalReflec and Selectsun products, providing great design with reflective metal layers and selective solar control that adjusts with the seasons.

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